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Good Egg Marketing provides strategies, training and services that go over easy.

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Good Egg Marketing provides strategies,
training and services that go over easy.

What Clients Say

Good Egg Marketing has helped us focus our sales proposals and content on how we meet customers’ needs. They’ve also helped us take a more systematic approach to marketing. Myrna Greenfield has a great network and is generous about sharing articles, resources, and connections. We value Myrna’s insights.Etta Jacob & Beth Shapiro, Co-Owners, Power in the Middle, WATERTOWN, MA

We hired Good Egg Marketing to assist us with rebranding and internal communications. Thanks to Myrna Greenfield’s skills and professionalism, we are on firm footing toward unifying our seven sites and taking internal communications to a higher and healthier level. And we’re well-positioned to address our branding challenges. Mary O’Brien, Executive Director, YWCA of Greater Lawrence

Good Egg Marketing helped us double our membership. The survey data, website content, and marketing plan also helped us attract new restaurant members and get more member shareholders. Good Egg really gets what we do. Having a consultant who understands the coop model is a huge asset. Josh Wiersma, cofounder & former Executive Director, New Hampshire Community Seafood, Portsmouth, NH

Good Egg Marketing is helping us update our branding to appeal to a younger crowd. It’s important to be able to work with an agency that understands our business model and industry. We’ve been growing so fast that it’s hard to fit in time for marketing, but working with Myrna has enabled us to get the work done.David Chandler, Jr., co-owner, Meadowbrook Orchards, Sterling, MA

Having a clearly defined brand and an overall marketing strategy has been incredibly helpful. We brought in a marketing assistant to help us implement the plan this summer and our sales really grew. We’re excited about putting it all together in the new website.Kristi Bond, co-owner, Fish Maine Restaurant Group, Bar Harbor, ME

As a new business owner, I was happy to have an experienced coach with expertise in Fair Trade and local foods to help me move forward with all the decisions I had to make. Myrna Greenfield also helped me network with other small business owners. Having Good Egg Marketing on retainer for six months was like having a coach on call.Claire Cheney, Owner, Curio Spice, Cambridge, MA

Good Egg Marketing and the graphic designer did a great job at developing a message and look and feel that resonated with students. It was great to hear such positive feedback about the new materials, even though it’s disheartening to be reminded of how little time and support our hard working food services staff has to implement great marketing opportunities like this.Richard Berkfield, Executive Director, Food Connects, Brattleboro, VT

Good Egg Marketing has led us through an imaginative process to change how people view the library. Myrna Greenfield is helping us integrate the new messaging into existing marketing activities wherever possible, so it doesn’t require a lot of extra work. We’re also taking steps so we can measure whether the campaign is working. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.Peter Struzziero, Director, Belmont Public Library, Belmont, MA

We enjoyed working with a like-minded business like Good Egg Marketing. Good Egg honed in on our essential selling points very quickly, and Myrna worked closely with us to develop an engaging and super-clear marketing plan. We’ve already incorporated many of her suggestions into our website.Paul Normandia, Graphics Specialist, Red Sun Press, Jamaica Plain, MA

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