Meadowbrook Orchards

Meadowbrook Orchards in Sterling, Mass. is a fourth-generation farm with an orchard, restaurant, and farm store. They’re seeking to increase their retail operations by appealing to “Farm-to-Table” customers.

Meadowbrook hired Good Egg Marketing to assist them with creating and implementing a marketing strategy. After conducting a needs assessment and writing a marketing strategy, Good Egg recruited a graphic designer to update Meadowbrook’s logo and marketing materials. We trained Meadowbrook to use email marketing and helped them promote events that attracted new customers. Afterwards, we relaunched the Meadowbrook Orchards website to reflect the new branding and their expanded line of local foods.

Since Good Egg started working with Meadowbrook, sales of specialty food products have increased 250 percent.

“Good Egg Marketing is helping us update our branding to appeal to a younger crowd,” says co-owner David Chandler, Jr. “It’s important to be able to work with an agency that understands our business model and industry.” He adds, “We’ve been growing so fast that it’s hard to fit in time for marketing, but working with Myrna has enabled us to get the work done.”