FishMaine Restaurant Group

The FishMaine Restaurant Group is a locally owned, family-owned group of restaurants in Bar Harbor, Maine. Each restaurant in the FishMaine family seeks to offer a unique dining experience, including local ingredients, special events, and dedicated staff.

Because the FishMaine restaurants are so eclectic, not many people realize that they’re all run by the Bond family. Jeremy and Kristi Bond hired Good Egg Marketing to assist them with creating a unified brand identity and an overall marketing strategy.

After extensive interviews and analysis, Good Egg discovered that the Bond family is dedicated to creating a satisfying, relaxing, and reliable dining and drinking experience in all their restaurants. Starting with these common values, Good Egg incorporated all the brand elements into a brand blueprint. Good Egg worked with FishMaine’s graphic design agency to create a Brand Book, which will be used to train new staff.

Good Egg Marketing also crafted a marketing strategy for FishMaine, which is helping the Bond family to build synergy among the restaurants as they continue to grow. Good Egg will work with FishMaine to relaunch their website in spring, 2017.

“Having a clearly defined brand and an overall marketing strategy has been incredibly helpful,” says co-owner Kristi Bond. “We brought in a marketing assistant to help us implement the plan this summer and our sales really grew. We’re excited about putting it all together in the new website.”