YWCA of Greater Lawrence

The YWCA of Greater Lawrence in Lawrence, Mass. experienced a major growth spurt and expanded its geographic territory in a very short time. Through a grant from the Essex County Community Foundation, the YWCA hired Good Egg Marketing to assist them with rebranding and internal communications.

Good Egg Marketing interviewed and surveyed the entire management team and identified their key communications challenges. One of their top goals was to create a shared organizational culture across multiple sites. Good Egg created a confidential employee survey and used the data that surfaced to create a set of recommendations that were tailored to the YWCA’s organizational needs.

“Being asked to complete an employee survey generated positive feedback from staffers, who were excited to be asked for their input, even before we took any action,” says YWCA of Greater Lawrence Executive Director, Mary O’Brien. “Thanks to Myrna’s skills and professionalism, we are on firm footing toward unifying our seven sites and taking internal communications to a higher and healthier level. And we’re well-positioned to address our branding challenges.”