Red Sun Press

Red Sun Press is a cooperatively-owned printing and graphic design shop based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1973, Red Sun has many loyal customers in the peace, social justice, and environmental communities, but must continue to bring in new ones. Through a grant from the Cooperative Fund of New England,  Red Sun hired Good Egg Marketing to help them develop a sales and marketing plan.

Good Egg Marketing focused on helping Red Sun Press refine their brand and develop key messages. In addition, we helped them identify their ideal customers, develop their sales pitch, and update their customer relationship management system.

“We enjoyed working with a like-minded business like Good Egg Marketing,” says Paul Normandia, Graphics Specialist at Red Sun Press. “Good Egg honed in on our essential selling points very quickly and Myrna worked closely with us to develop an engaging and super-clear marketing plan. We’ve already incorporated many of her suggestions into our website.”