Marketing for Small Farms

Here are some basic tactics that small farms use to attract loyal customers. Which ones have you tried?

  1. Specialize in specific, high quality products, such as wonderful apples, grass fed meat, or heirloom vegetables.
  2. Appeal to a specific customer niche.
  3. Display your logo everywhere — and use a descriptor or tagline, too.
  4. Present a consistent image – eg family-friendly, foodie, healthy, social mission, hipster, etc.
  5. Be transparent about your farming practices, such as organic, IPM, or ecofriendly methods.
  6. Share your personal story – who you are, where you farm, and why.
  7. Provide great customer service.
  8. Create attractive displays.
  9. Offer experiences or events, such as Pick Your Own flowers, fresh cider donuts, or harvest festivals.
  10. Have a website — at least a basic one.
  11. Stay in touch with customers through email or social media.