Quilting by S Cave

Quilted by S. Cave—formerly known as Stephanie Cave Design Studio—creates custom memory quilts and wall hangings that make unique gifts and interior decorations.

Owner Stephanie Cave’s initial goal was to get marketing assistance for her retail-based custom soft furnishings business through the City of Boston’s Small Business Onsite Technical Assistance program. After Good Egg Marketing conducted a needs assessment, we discovered that the Design Studio wasn’t meeting its income goals. We identified several marketing strategies that Stephanie Cave could undertake to expand her existing business.

After doing some soul searching, Stephanie decided to transition out of the soft furnishings and focus on her true passion, quilt-making. She gave up her retail storefront and now operates a home-based business with much lower overhead. Good Egg gave Stephanie a customized Excel spreadsheet with built-in formulas she can use to determine how many products at each price point she needs to sell per month to be profitable. We also provided her with a new marketing plan.

Her new business, Quilted by S. Cave, features a new product line of customer memory and thematic quilts. She’s launched an attractive new website and is now set up for ecommerce.

“Being able to participate in the City of Boston’s onsite technical assistance program and get free business coaching for a year gave me the time and support I needed to make the decision to transition my business,” says Stephanie. “It was hard to let go of the retail business, but Myrna Greenfield’s coaching really helped me focus on the work I love to do, which is to create custom quilts that incorporate t-shirts or photos from my clients into a work of art that reflects them or the person they’re giving the quilt to. And the spreadsheet she gave me is a fantastic budgeting tool. It’s been a great experience for me,” she adds.