New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project works with new farmers to build strong businesses, expertise in the field, and a resilient food system. When New Entry relaunched their website, they realized they needed new branding language to encapsulate what they do and hired Good Egg Marketing to lead them through the rebranding process.

Good Egg Marketing conducted a branding workshop for the New Entry staff. Through discussion and creative exercises, New Entry and Good Egg articulated the core elements of their work, methodology, and brand personality. Good Egg worked with New Entry to distill these elements into a “brand blueprint” and Communications Guidelines for staff, board and volunteers. The language was also incorporated into the New Entry relaunched website.

“It was very helpful to have Good Egg Marketing guide us through the branding process,” says Jennifer Hashley, New Entry Project Director. “It gave us a framework for discussing and agreeing how we want people to think about New Entry.”