Fair Trade Judaica

Fair Trade Judaica (FTJ), based in San Francisco, is building a fair trade movement in the Jewish community, linking Jewish values of human dignity, self-sufficiency, and environmental sustainability with fair trade standards assuring fair and livable wages, no child labor, healthy and safe working conditions. They accomplish these goals through outreach/education, and expanding the production, distribution, and sale of Fair Trade Judaica products. (Judaica products are used for Jewish cultural or religious observance or to express Jewish identity.)

Through a grant from Upstart, FTJ Executive Director Ilana Schatz hired Good Egg Marketing to create a marketing strategy to increase their sales. Good Egg surveyed a mix of current and potential FTJ customers to learn about their experiences with and motivations for purchasing Judaica products, familiarity with FTJ, and interest in the concept. Using the data gleaned from the survey, Good Egg created a comprehensive marketing strategy, including sales, ecommerce, web, social media, and events.

“It was wonderful to work with a skilled marketer with a background in Fair Trade,” Ilana says. “I was blown away by all of the great advice we received from Good Egg Marketing. Our sales are increasing, our mailing list doubled, and requests are pouring in. We continue to incorporate Myrna’s suggestions into our work.”