Chappaqua Crunch Granola

Chappaqua Crunch Granola, produced in Marblehead, Mass., strives to be the tastiest healthy granola on the market. Owner Debbie Waugh approached Good Egg Marketing for help in refreshing her packaging, updating her website, and becoming more social media savvy.

Good Egg Marketing researched what consumers look for when seeking out healthy foods and worked with Chappaqua Crunch Granola to draft new language for the granola packages. Good Egg developed an online survey to test consumer response to different marketing claims; Chappaqua Crunch and Good Egg used the results to finalize the package text. The results were also helpful in crafting the strategy and copy for the revised website.

“As a business owner, I’m overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks. I’d been putting off doing the new packaging because I wanted to find the right language. The market research and survey gave me the insights I needed to move ahead,” says Debbie Waugh.

“Working with Myrna streamlined the process because she shares my values and understands the natural foods market. So when it came time to update our website, of course I wanted to come back to Good Egg,” Waugh adds.