Create A Campaign

A creative or outreach campaign can be a very effective way to promote a product, organization, issue, or cause. Successful campaigns motivate people to act or change their perceptions by inspiring an emotion–excitement, intrigue, joy, sadness, or even anger.

Good Egg Marketing helps you answer questions, such as:

  • What’s the difference between a campaign and a one-off ad or promotion?
  • Can you promote an issue or a cause the same way you promote toothpaste?
  • What’s the best way to get people to change behavior?
  • How much time do I need to plan an implement a campaign?
  • How can I tell if my campaign is successful?


Narrowing in on the problem you want to address can be the hardest part of a campaign. Understanding whom you’re trying to reach and how to motivate or inspire them is the cornerstone to developing an effective strategy. Good Egg Marketing gets at the heart of the issue through research, surveys, and interviews with key individuals.


A comprehensive campaign strategy must define the problem, describe the target audience(s), and create tactics that can inspire the behavior or perceptions you seek to create. Good Egg Marketing helps you create a strategy, build a budget, develop a project management plan, and delegate responsibilities. We can also assist with implementation.


The right words and images are essential to creating an effective campaign. Good Egg Marketing helps you craft messages and visual concepts that connect with and inspire your target audience. We work with graphic designers, photographers, videographers and other associates to develop your creative materials.


You are not your target market. It doesn’t matter how great you think your campaign is; you should always test how the people you’re targeting respond to your text, images, and spokespeople before you launch your campaign. Good Egg Marketing uses research, online surveys, focus groups and interviews as an affordable way to test each campaign component.


Effective evaluation must be baked into the campaign design right from the start. If you’re trying to change behavior or perceptions, you must be able to document existing behaviors and beliefs before and after you launch your campaign. Good Egg Marketing helps you develop an approach and tools to measure the impact of your campaign. We use a variety of market research and monitoring tools, such as software, surveys, interviews, and focus groups.