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A Lazy Guide to Marketing Resources

If you’re like me, you’re trying to finish up projects while savoring the last days of August. In other words, I was too busy (or lazy) to come up with my own articles or photos this month, so I’m just commenting on other people’s marketing articles. But hey, let’s enjoy summer while we can!

Who Reads Email 23 Hours a Day?
One of my favorite marketing resources,, ran a fun article summarizing email reading habits, categorized by gender and income level. While both men and women check email regularly, men are more likely to click in the early morning (4-9am) and women are more likely to click in late morning through the evening (10am-9pm). There’s lots of other interesting data in the article, but I was particularly astounded to learn that some people actually check email up to 23 hours a day! If you fall into this category, I sort of hope your smartphone falls into the toilet so you can get some rest.

Social Media Examiner is another one of my go-to sites for marketing advice. This helpful article on their site provides great tips on how to actively market your business using Facebook apps.  Admittedly, it’s a bit self-serving, since the author is the cofounder of TabSite, one of the many companies that helps you create custom tabs, contests, and promos for your Facebook page, but he’s got a lot of great examples about how to get more out of Facebook.

My final go-to site for great marketing tips is HubSpot. These folks are a content generation machine! Their own website, social media posts, ebooks, and webinars are a role model for effective marketing. I particularly enjoyed this blog post because it suggests how nonprofits can tell their story and convey the impact of their work. And it illustrates the points with five nonprofits who are doing it well.

That’s it for this month! Got to get back out to my garden and pick some more tomatoes. Yum!